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TLS Uniform is the most comprehensive security uniform and security accessories supplier in Malaysia. Provide a secure environment with professional equipments. We has been committed to serving the industries since 1982, delivering the best quality and best customer service at its best value.

We offer a wide range of quality security uniforms and security accessories specifically designed to cater your industries need, inclusive of epaulet security, rechargeable torchlight, baton, walkie talkie, gloves, whistle, lanyard & etc.

For all your security accessories and safety equipment need, shop at our comprehensive website now. Products are evaluated to ensure they make the grade.

Belt (Canvas) Big Size
Belt (Nylon)

Belt (Nylon)


Belt (Nylon) Black PPKKM
Belt (PVC) Cross Type
Belt (PVC) with Big Buckle
Buckle & Clip (Small)
Heckle Feather
Sarung / Holder
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